Me-Made Mexico : Bombshell Bikini Bottoms & Reno Bikini Top

Me-Made Mexico : Bombshell Bikini Bottoms & Reno Bikini Top

Posted by Helen | February 19, 2016 | Into My Closet
Reno Swimsuit Bombshell Bikini bottoms by Helens Closet Sewing

I have been posting nothing but summer swimsuits lately, which is comical considering how dreary it is in Vancouver these days.  This is the final instalment of my swimwear series, and I hope they are getting you pumped for warmer weather, or if you live in a warm climate, they are at least inspiring you to try sewing some swimwear!

Reno Swimsuit Bikini Sewalong by Helen's Closet verticle6     verticle5

A few days ago I shared a sewalong for the Reno Swimsuit top so if you want to see how this top is sewn you can check that out. I made the Closet Case Files Bombshell bikini bottoms to go with my Reno top and I love the way they go together!  These bottoms have a great retro feel with the small skirt that comes down in the front and the side and back ruching.  

full_verticle4 horizontal3 Reno Swimsuit Bikini Sewalong by Helen's Closet verticle4     verticle2

The bombshell bottoms are a pretty quick sew, it only took me about 1.5 hours to complete them after the pattern and fabric were cut out.   I have made the bombshell swimsuit before so it was easier this time to wrap my head around the way the skirt extends down past the front piece and connects with the back. Heather has a full sewalong on her blog so you can follow along with each step there.

full_verticle7 full_verticle9 verticle3     verticle1 horizontal2

These photos are from my recent trip to Mexico where my mother-in-law, Laurie Best, took all my blog photos for a week!  Thank you so much, Laurie!!  I love these shots of me playing in the wind and waves.  I really did thoroughly test the durability of this swimsuit on this trip, the surf was intense and I never had any wardrobe malfunctions.  Typically I find bikinis are awkward to swim in because they don’t offer very much support but the Reno top is really comfortable.  The Bombshell bottoms also stay on nice and snug and do not shift around or ride up your butt, woo-hoo!

full_verticle8horizontal8 Reno Swimsuit Bombshell Bikini bottoms by Helens Closet Sewing horizontal6 horizontal1

Have you tried swimwear yet?  What is your favourite swimwear pattern?


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Blog Comments

Wow, stunning swimsuit (and lady), thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Meghan!

Lovely swimsuit! I have tried a couple- most recently the Maison Fleur swimsuit- blog post coming soon! I fear my photos are not a scenic as yours, though!!

Ooooo, i need to try the Maison Fleur – I have that pattern also. Can’t wait to see it!

Wow! Gorgeous swimsuit! It looks really good on you! You are really inspiring me to try making my own. I was looking at a simplest bikini style and even got a pattern, Jalie 2446. I also have swimsuit fabric and lining in my stash… but I am so scared to cut into it! Seeing your swimsuits is really pushing me to give it a try 🙂

Nice! the Jalie 2446 looks great, I love that simple style. You can do it!

Nice style! Although I think I prefer the Dakota high waisted culotte (without ruché). You were lucky to find such an empty stretch of beach out there to make these pictures, especially the more *glamourous* ones! Bravo to your photographer.

Thanks, Hélén! I really like both versions, but the Dakota bottoms did get a bit more wear on the trip, they are just so comfortable and I love the print on those ones so much 🙂

Beautiful!! I’ve been meaning to make the Bombshell as a bottom for two summers now (I have the one-piece and I love it but variety is the etc.), but I’ve been having trouble decided what bikini top would work with it. This combo is great.

Thanks! I love the one piece bombshell so much, and the bottoms are really easy to throw together 🙂

Love these photos – reminds me of old Rita Hayworth shots.

I’ve been thinking of putting together a swimsuit – you just inspired me to give it a go.

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