#MMMAY16 Week 4

#MMMAY16 Week 4

Posted by Helen | May 29, 2016 | Me Made May
Me Made May Helen's Closet

I know Me Made May isn’t quite over yet, and I will be sure to share my last two outfits next weekend along with what I learned from the experience!  It certainly has been an eye-opener. I love the practice of choosing a me-made item in the morning and finding new ways to style it, and I love to see how you style your makes too.  Let’s not stop at #mmmay, lets keep going!  I plan to try and share my handmade outfits using the hashtag #memadeday and you can too!  Here is what I wore this week.

#mmmay16 day 22! Another preview of my upcoming pattern, the #winslowculottes! We did 3 photoshoots today, I can’t wait to share all the examples of this pattern

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I think seeing how people style their me-mades for everyday life is my favourite part of Me Made May. I love seeing beautiful photos on blog posts, but I way prefer to see how people actually wear their garments. I’m way more into street style. Looking forward to seeing more outfits from you!

Thanks, Heather! I love seeing the street style too, and getting a little slice of life from bloggers I know and love 🙂

Love it! They all look great, amazing items and beautiful outfits. So much inspiration here <3

DaaAaaaAaang i really like those floor-length culottes!!! I’ve never seen them that length before!

Thanks! They are so much fun to wear 🙂

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