Self Drafted Kimono Robe

Self Drafted Kimono Robe

Posted by Helen | October 3, 2016 | Into My Closet
Kimono Dressing Robe

The countdown is on for Camp Workroom Social 2016! I am SO excited to be heading to New York in October to attend this year’s camp, I seriously can’t wait.  I’m signed up to take the underwire bra making class with Amy from Cloth Habit, so expect a lot more underwear on the blog in the next few months! I think getting expert instruction on sewing techniques and fabric handling is so beneficial to improving one’s skills, and I can’t wait to share what I learn with you!

One of the things on the packing list for this bra making course was a dressing robe, and naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to make a new one for the occasion.  I have my beloved Almada robe, but I wanted something with a bit more coverage and ease of movement for wearing in class.  I searched for an ideal pattern for all of 10 minutes before realizing I knew exactly what I wanted and could draft it myself!

Here is what I wanted in a robe:

  • Knee Length
  • Mid-length Kimono Sleeves
    • not too drapey, else they get in the way
    • Must be able to lift/move arms without restriction
  • Ties that are attached to the robe, so they don’t get lost
  • Hidden inner robe tie
  • Pockets! (where else am I going to put my phone?)

I set to work designing an ideal solution, and I am very pleased with the final result.  It has the sleeve and wrap design I wanted and the ease of movement I need for everyday wear.  I made it out of rayon challis from (plenty left!), isn’t this print amazing?  It’s been in my stash for awhile and I am glad it finally found a purpose.  Due to its busy print, I was struggling to come up with a good project to use it for!  Loungewear is perfect for a loud or busy print, especially if it makes you happy!

Kimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing Robe

This robe has a little tie on the inside to help keep it closed.  This is an easy feature to add to any robe design, simply sew some ties and attach one to the inside of the robe on the side seam, and one to the opposite front.  Those undies poking through there are my first me-made undies, too!  I used the Watson bikini pattern and they turned out great. I also added large pockets to my robe because I always ‘need’ to have my phone at hand.  These pockets were inserted using a basic inseam pocket method.

I look forward to wearing my new robe at camp!!  Are you going to be there? Let me know in the comments!

Kimono Dressing Robe  Kimono Dressing Robe   Kimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing Robe Kimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing Robe
Kimono Dressing Robe

Kimono Dressing Robe

Sam says ‘point out the window!’ and what do I do? I point, of course!

Kimono Dressing RobeKimono Dressing Robe Kimono Dressing Robe


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Blog Comments

Very lovely kimono! I love the internal tie. I remember having those on my old bath robes and they are very handy. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you learn in class! Have fun 🙂

Thanks, Anya! I cant wait to make pretty bras like you do 🙂 <3

Oh this just looks lovely and so comfy!

Thanks, Abbey!

That’s a beautiful robe!! Very stylish and simple!

Thanks very much, Kay!

this kimono looks so beautiful, you’ve chosen the perfect fabric for it.

Thanks Aida! I’m glad this fabric found the perfect home 🙂

THAT is a great robe. The perfect size for… oh, I don’t know… someone who lives in an RV???

haha, an RV, hmm? Intriguing…

I won’t be at camp, but if you’re spending any time in NYC before or after and want to meet up, let me know.

Hi Carly! Thanks for that! I haven’t finalized my plans yet, but I am going to be in New York for a few days after camp, I’ll reach out when I know more details!

What a beautiful kimono! That fabric is gorgeous! I hope you have fun at camp!

Thanks, Heather!

Beautiful kimono robe, perfect with this fabrick! I should follow your nice example too!
Have fun to your camp, I’m impatient you share your experience.

Thank you, Nadia! I will write a post about it when I get back 🙂 Can’t wait to share!

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