Floral Linden Sweatshirt

Floral Linden Sweatshirt

Posted by Helen | December 12, 2016 | Into My Closet
Linden Sweatshirt

It was surprising how many large scraps I had when I organized my stash a couple weeks ago. There have been times when I’ve loved a fabric so much I’ve bought 4-5 meters of it with the intention of making multiple projects. I’ve stopped doing this because, in reality, I want to move on once I complete something and don’t necessarily feel excited to sew the same fabric again. In this case, I bought a bunch of this floral bullet knit because I LOVE all these colours so much, and I used it previously for my Sewaholic Davie Dress, Once I finished my dress I put the extra fabric away and forgot all about it! Well, it has now been uncovered and documented, and I actually still have 1 meter left after this sweatshirt…maybe a simple skirt? We will see!

Linden Sweatshirt
Helen's Closet Davie Dress by Sewaholic Patterns

I decided to use this fabric for a simple Grainline Linden sweatshirt. I have made the Linden in the past, but it was from a very thick knit with little stretch, so this one actually turned out quite differently! I opted for a solid black sleeve to emphasize the raglan design and chose black bamboo ribbing for the neck, cuffs, and hem band. I love the look of this fabric combo, there are lots of different textures happening here.

Linden SweatshirtLinden Sweatshirt Linden SweatshirtLinden Sweatshirt Cuff

The Linden is very comfortable and great to throw on under a casual jacket. The floral print is a pretty and vibrant addition to an otherwise casual and simple outfit.

Linden SweatshirtLinden Sweatshirt
Linden Sweatshirt

As a side note (or sewing fail), during the course of this project, I managed to sew my neckband on backward three times…I’m not kidding. I just kept ripping it out and sewing it on with the seam in the front, every, single, time. Eventually, I got it right, but the neck is a little tortured because of it, Thankfully, this knit is pretty stable and forgiving, so I got away with it.

Linden Sweatshirt Neckband Linden Sweatshirt

If you’re looking for a quick sew that will get worn way more than you might think, look no further than the Linden!


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The texture in your fabric that I could see in that closeup of your neckband (I was so impressed you had the patience to unpick 3 times!) was beautiful! So nice to have a sweat shirt tee that has some pizzazz – usually they are unnecessarily boring!

Cute! I’ve been making Mabel skirts. Maybe that would be a good pattern for the last yard. 🙂

Oooo, good suggestion, Meg! Thanks!

I really like this. I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for awhile but wasn’t so sure if I needed it. I’m thinking yes! And good job on the neckline, you sound like me haha

Thanks, Amy! I have so many sewing moments like that, lol, and people think I never make mistakes – ha!

Such a great sweater Helen – and great use of scraps too!

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