Wednesday Weekly #85

Wednesday Weekly #85

Posted by Helen | May 17, 2017 | Wednesday Weekly
Wednesday Weekly #85

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling pretty excited this week because I have finalized the design for my next pattern! It won’t be out for some time yet, but getting to that final design stage is awesome. It means I can move on to instructions, testing, and preparing for launch! Expect to see a release near the end of June.  In the mean time, I am LOVING all the support for the Blackwood Cardigan during Me-made May, seriously, check out the #blackwoodcardigan hashtag!  Thanks also for all the wonderful feedback about my new Winslow Culottes photos, you guys are the best! <3

Wednesday Weekly #85

News (clockwise from top left)

Cashmerette released the Lenox Shirtdress.

Itch to Stitch released a free tank top pattern, the Lago tank!

Honig Design released the Athena top.

Closet Case Patterns released a lining expansion for the Kelly Anorak.

Hey June released the Willamette Shirt.



Dixie DIY made an awesome Kalle Shirt/Tunic hybrid.

I am loving this off the shoulder gingham top from Allie J.

This Vintage Shirtdress from Ozzy Blackbeard is gorgeous!

These pants from Cyber Daze are chic, chic, chic!

This Hoya Blouse from Red W Sews is super pretty.

The neckline on this birthday dress from Bobbin and Baste is beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful dresses, check out this one from Evolution of a Sewing Goddess.



Sie Macht tried out 90 different combinations of stitches and feet for sewing with knits! Check out her findings here.

Fashion Behind the Seams shows us how to draft a Petal Sleeve.

Melly Sews demonstrates how to rotate darts on a pattern.

Sew Essential teaches us how to hand sew rouleau loops and button loops.



I really enjoyed this post on following your bliss from Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow. Do you ever feel like taking the ‘next step’ with your sewing or blog but don’t know what that is or if it is even necessary? This post is for you!


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Blog Comments

Congrats on finalising the new design; how exciting!!! Xx

Thanks, Sarah! I can’t wait to share more.

Can’t wait to see the next design, Helen!

Thanks you!!

Love these posts. 🙂 fyi, Cashmerette had to change the name to Lenox shirtdress. Can’t wait to see the next design. I’m posting my Winslow culottes tomorrow. 😀

Oooo, thanks for the update! I just changed the post. I cant wait to see your Winslows!! They looked great on Instagram 🙂

I love them. I can’t wait to make more of them. <3 <3

I’m so glad to read this! I put mine on last night before attaching the waistband, and things are looking a little crazy… but I have faith that the waistband will fix everything! Helen, do people ever need a hook and eye to reinforce the zipper? I’m scared of breaking it when I sit down!

Haha, yepp, things look very clown-pants before the waistband. I haven’t had issues with my zipper popping, I find that they sit high enough on me that my belly hangs out in the pleats area and not right where the band is. You certainly could add a reinforcement here, though!

Congrats on finishing new design! It is so exciting! Whoo-hooo!!
Another great one. I am really enjoying your Wednesday weekly’s and look forward to them every Wednesday 🙂

Thanks Anya! I am so excited to share more soon. Im so glad you enjoy the WW!

Thanks for including my obsessive experiment in the Weekly, Helen! 😀 And thanks for highlighting that Hoya blouse. I can’t wait to make that pattern myself, and I love seeing them in the wild.

Thank you for the shoutout!!! <3 I'm excited for your new pattern – trying to imagine what it will be!

I love the look of the Athena top – I hadn’t seen it before so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Just seen that you featured my Hoya blouse; thank you so much!

My pleasure!

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