Refashioners 2017 – Suits You

Refashioners 2017 – Suits You

Posted by Helen | October 30, 2017 | Into My Closet
refashioners 2017

I am a little hesitant to share this refashion because it is VERY simple and I don’t want to be presenting this coat as my own make since I only changed a few things. That being said, I do believe that even simple refashions count and I did chat about my project on the Love to Sew Podcast, so I have to share, right? 🙂  This is my entry into the Refashioners 2017 Challenge.

refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017

I went to the local charity shop to source a suit for this challenge, but I ended up finding a men’s coat. I loved the style of this coat with the exception of the sleeves and the collar, so I figured I could take this coat apart a bit fix it up to make it wearable for me. Because it is a men’s coat, the fit is boxier and there was some serious tailoring in there!

refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017

I started by removing the collar and sleeves. I sewed closed the neckline where the collar was and it has a modern look sans-collar. I drafted a new 2-piece sleeve to fit the existing armhole and used the original sleeve fabric for the top portion of the sleeve. For the underside, I cut wool from a pair of old suit pants for a duotone look.

refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017refashioners 2017

Apart from the sleeve and collar refashion, I simply mended bits of the lining that were falling apart and found a matching button to replace a missing one on the front placket. It was a simple project but it was challenging due to the very tailored insides and the heavy wool fabric. I am SO pleased with the results and know that this coat will be my go-to winter layer once the temperature dips a bit lower.

refashioners 2017refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017 refashioners 2017

Did you participate in the Refashioners this year? There have been so many amazing things so far and I am blown away by the versatility of suits!


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Helen! You clever clogs! I love this, especially the two tone sleeves

This is beautiful! And you met the spirit of the refashioners challenge in the best possible way by creating something that you love and that will get lots of wear!

Sometimes simple is best. I love what you did to the collar (non-collar?)

Don’t sell yourself short! That refashioned coat is beautiful!!!!

I like how wearable this is. I usually dislike refashioner makes because it seems gimmicky and most people won’t wear what they’ve done. But this works.

This is perfection!! I love it so much and wish I was brave enough to attempt a refashion like this.

Thank you! You could totally do something like this! Grab a garment and a seam ripper and just go for it!

I love this! I am going to check out my local thrift stores for usable mens’ coats. It is humbling to take apart a coat/jacket with good tailoring to see the bones that go into it. I need a wool coat to give a break from the puffer look.

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