Seamwork Kenedy Dress by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 02/05/2016 | Into My Closet

I have a serious addiction to sack dresses.  This never used to be the case for me, but I can’t seem to make any other silhouette that I prefer more than a plain old sack.  Sure, the fit and flare is a fantastic style, and body-con is undeniably flattering, but I can’t keep away from the sack….ok, that came out weird.  Lucky for me, the sack is in!  I couldn’t be happier these days with this trend being so prevalent, I can get away with wearing tights, flats, and a sack literally anywhere.  Of course, for very special occasions, one...

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me made may
Posted by Helen | 30/04/2016 | My Sewing Story

The last day of April has arrived and  I am very excited to participate in my first ever Me Made May!  If you are not familiar with this annual event, it is a month long challenge to wear more handmade garments and accessories than usual. The goal is to share our makes with the sewing community and encourage ourselves to choose me-mades over ready-to-wear more often.  This is, of course, just one reason to participate!  Head on over to So Zo to read what others are pledging to do for the month of May and why they are participating! I, Helen Wilkinson of and...

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Posted by Helen | 28/04/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

Better late than never, right?  My day got away from me yesterday, and while ‘Thursday Weekly’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, I wouldn’t want to miss out on sharing these awesome links with you!  So many inspiring makes this week, I am really feeling the sewing envy! Top: Madalynne Intimates  |  Left: Morgan Jeans  |  Bottom: Geodesic Sweater News Me Made May is just around the corner!  There are lots of pledges rolling in, you can still make your pledge here.  I am excited to participate, this is my first one! Closet Case files released a highly...

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True Bias Colfax Dress by Helen's Clsoet
Posted by Helen | 25/04/2016 | Into My Closet

I love when fabric in my stash is perfectly suited to a new pattern, almost like it was awaiting its fate and the time has come for it to fulfil its purpose. Too cheesy? Probably, but much like I once believed my stuffed animals to have personalities and secret lives, I assign character traits and aspirations to my fabrics.  I hope I’m not alone in this, somebody, back me up here!  This gorgeous bright coral raw silk has been sitting in my stash just dying to burst out of it’s ziplock bag and become…a True Bias Colfax dress! Who knew?  ...

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Helen's Closet Wednesday Weekly
Posted by Helen | 20/04/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

It was a busy week this week!  I got to celebrate my 28th birthday with my friends and they got me gift certificates to my favourite little fabric shop (they know me well) and I splurged on some new patterns for spring.  I got the Sewaholic Saltspring dress, because it is so pretty and I am dying to make a camisole hack like this one here.  I also got the Grainline Maritime shorts because, well, summer = shorts, and if I am going to continue avoiding RTW I'm going to have to make some!  I also picked up the Deer...

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DIY Yoga Pants by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 15/04/2016 | Into My Closet

Are you guys getting sick of me talking about my serger yet?  It is really exciting to take my sewing to the next level and feel able to create quality garments with ease.  I knew when I got my Juki I would want to try making something using only the serger, so I grabbed some stretch material at my local fabric store to make a pair of yoga pants. These are so easy to make, follow my instructions below to make your own! If you are somebody who feels that yoga pants are not acceptable as everyday pants, never come to Vancouver.  You will be...

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